Experience the Haunted Castle at Warwick this Halloween! – A Halloween Day Trip from Selwyns Travel

Looking for a spooktacular halloween day trip this October? Join us on Friday 28th October as we journey to Warwick Castle to experience it’s ghostly goings on…

Whether you are looking for Spooktacular Fun or Terrifying Scares, Warwick Castle has something for thrill seekers and families alike as The Haunted Castle returns….

Spooktacular Fun for families

Looking for a kid-friendly Halloween day trip? Warwick Castle has just the right amount of friendly spooky fun!

Fire Joust

Hear the thunder of hooves and the crack of lances as the bravery, skill and agility of our twilight knights is tested to the limit in this blazing spectacle.

Flight of the Eagles

Watch magnificent eagles, vultures and owls take to the skies, especially for Halloween!

Scare Rating: 💀

Trebuchet Fireball

Witness the mighty trebuchet light up the sky in this all new spooky show!

Scare Rating:  💀

Spooky Stories

Hear untold spooky stories bought to life by Warwick’s resident storyteller!

Scare Rating: 💀

Horrible Histories Maze

Get lost in the new Horrible Histories maze, encountering spooky surprises with each twist and turn…

Scare Rating: 💀💀

The Witches Tower

The Witches of Warwick Castle are looking for new recruits! Bring your kids to dress upa s their favourite with and cook up their own spells!

Scare Rating: 💀💀

The Haunted Hallows

A place where fairy tales become scary tales! Not all stories have a happy ending…

Scare Rating: 💀💀💀


Terrifying Scares for thrillseekers

Tormented (from 12pm) – New for 2016!

One by one all of the inhabitants of Warwick Castle were killed by a malevolent spirit. All but one. She now leads a solitary existence surrounded only by those she believes will care for her, but not all is as it seems. Her fate is far worse than death, her fate is to live out the rest of her life as the Tormented!

Scare Rating: 💀💀💀💀💀

The Castle Dungeon

During The Haunted Castle the spirits appear more restless as you witness some of the darkest, bloodiest and most frightening times in the Castle’s history. Are you brave enough to enter?

Scare Rating: 💀💀💀💀

Outbreak 1349 (from 5pm)

The Black Death has appeared in the heart of England – symptoms are violent and contagion is instant – will you be brave enough to escape the plague-ridden characters? Just remember – not all walls are built to keep you out…

Scare Rating: 💀💀💀💀💀

Fire Joust

The skill and bravery of the agile knights of Warwick Castle is tested to the limit in this firey spectacle! With thundering hooves and lances cracking, thigns are sure to heat up!

Scare Rating: 💀

Trebuchet Fireball Spectacular!

Witness the mighty trebuchet light up the sky in a new spooky show!

Scare Rating: 💀


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