Kick off for away game coaches!

Selwyns Travel Ltd are very excited to announce that we will be running Everton & Liverpool away game coaches for selected matches in the season.

For any die hard football fans that just can’t miss a match, we’ll be doing pickups from the following locations:

  • Birkenhead Europa Boulevard
  • Broadgreen Rocket Layby
  • Liverpool Lime Street, by the lion statues.

Return coach travel costs from £15 per person – book your seats today to ensure you get there and back in comfort.

Everton and Liverpool Away Game Coaches from Selwyns Travel


We currently have coach seats available for the following matches:

14/08/2016 Liverpool v Arsenal
12/09/2016 Everton v Sunderland
27/08/2016 Liverpool v Tottenham
15/10/2016 Everton v Manchester City
16/09/2016 Liverpool v Chelsea
01/10/2016 Liverpool v Swansea City
29/10/2016 Liverpool v Crystal Palace
14/12/2016 Liverpool v Middlesbrough
02/01/2017 Liverpool v Sunderland
14/01/2017 Liverpool v Manchester United
04/02/2017 Liverpool v Hull City
25/02/2017 Liverpool v Leicester City
11/03/2017 Liverpool v Burnley
18/03/2017 Liverpool v Manchester City
08/04/2017 Liverpool v Stoke City
13/05/2017 Liverpool v West Ham
22/10/2016 Everton v Burnley
05/11/2016 Everton v Chelsea
26/12/2016 Everton v Leicester
31/12/2016 Everton v Hull City
21/01/2017 Everton v Crystal Palace
01/02/2017 Everton v Stoke City
11/02/2017 Everton v Middlesbrough
04/03/2017 Everton v Spurs
04/04/2017 Everton v Manchester United
22/04/2017 Everton v West Ham
06/05/2017 Everton v Swansea Cty
21/05/2017 Everton v Arsenal


To book your seat, please visit the Football Coaches section on our Day Trips website, alternatively please give us a call on 01928 529 036.



Conditions of Carriage Football

  • It is an offence to carry or consume alcohol on board a vehicle travelling to or from a sporting venue.
  • Anyone attempting to take alcohol on board will be asked to remove it, anyone attempting to board who is intoxicated may be refused.
  • Any cases of disorderly behaviour will be brought to the attention of the Police Football Liaison Officer